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Clery News Story

The goal of the Clery Act is for the university to arm students, faculty, staff and community members with knowledge to help individuals make informed decisions and to take an active role in their personal safety. Two important ways the university communicates are the messages sent through the UF Alert System, and the Annual Security Report and Annual Fire Safety Report (ASFSRs) published by October 1st of each year – both required by the Clery Act.

 Check out the UF News article on the Clery Compliance program as a part of UF’s campaign for National Campus Safety Awareness Month.

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October Safety Month

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is excited to host Safety Month during the month of October. EH&S will be working with other campus partners and public safety agencies to promote safety awareness, fire safety & prevention, and lab & bio safety, amongst others.

Our main event will be on October 12th, but we will have several other events around campus throughout October. Please join us for one of these great opportunities to ask questions, check us out and even get some cool giveaways.

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Compliance Gazette Issue 11

We are pleased to present Issue 11 of the Compliance Gazette. This issue will inform you about the upcoming UF Core Values week and introduce you to our newest staff member and our very first Compliance Superstar. It will also provide news items from our Compliance Partners, from the Clery Compliance Program, the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs, and the Division of Enrironmental, Health and Safety.  You will be able to test your knowledge of Clery Compliance.

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