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Settlement Backs Up Overhaul of Loan Forgiveness Program

(Excerpts from Inside Higher Ed News) - The Department of Education has settled a lawsuit filed in 2019 over its failure to properly manage its promise of student loan forgiveness for public employees.

Resource Kit on Aiding Afghan Students and Scholars

(Excerpts from American Council on Education (ACE) News) - ACE, in collaboration with the Institute of International Education, the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, and the Association of American Universities has put together a resource kit to help colleges and universities ensure that necessary structures and support networks are in place to welcome Afghan students and scholars.

Navient to exit federal student loan servicing

(Excerpts from The Washington Post) - Navient, one of the nation’s largest student loan companies, said Tuesday it has struck an agreement to transfer the 5.6 million accounts it manages on behalf of the Education Department to Maximus, another loan servicer.

House Committee Approve Substantial Increases for Higher Ed.

(Excerpts from The American Council on Education (ACE) - As ACE President Ted Mitchell said in a statement last week on the release of the draft text, the legislation represents a major step toward providing greater access to an affordable, high-quality college education for millions of low- and middle-income students.

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