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Supreme Court Backs Payments to Student-Athletes

(Excerpts of The New York Times) - The Supreme Court unanimously ruled on Monday that the N.C.A.A. cannot bar relatively modest payments to student-athletes in the name of amateurism. The decision, based on antitrust law, came as the business model of college sports is under increasing pressure.

U.S. Ed Dept. Confirms Title IX Protects from Discrimination

(Excerpts from US Dept. Ed News) - The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights today issued a Notice of Interpretation explaining that it will enforce Title IX's prohibition on discrimination on the basis of sex to include: (1) discrimination based on sexual orientation; and (2) discrimination based on gender identity.

MacKenzie Scott donates hundreds of millions

(Excerpts from The Washington Post) - Billionaire MacKenzie Scott announced Tuesday another massive round of donations, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars, to colleges and universities that are not the usual beneficiaries of big-time philanthropy in higher education.

Florida Governor Signs College Athlete NIL Compensation

(Excerpts from AP News) - Florida has cleared the way for college athletes in the state to earn money from endorsement deals as soon as next summer. That comes even as some in college sports want to slow things down due to concerns about how athlete compensation will actually work.

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