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House Committee Approve Substantial Increases for Higher Ed.

(Excerpts from The American Council on Education (ACE) - As ACE President Ted Mitchell said in a statement last week on the release of the draft text, the legislation represents a major step toward providing greater access to an affordable, high-quality college education for millions of low- and middle-income students.

Ten Billion in Student Debt Erased Under Biden

(Excerpts from The New York Times) - Nearly $10 billion in student loan debt has been wiped away since President Biden took office, the most sweeping attempt to fix badly broken parts of the federal student loan system in at least a decade.

ED Vacates Controversial Title IX Provision

(Excerpts from Campus Safety News) - The U.S. Department of Education announced on Aug. 24 it will stop enforcing a new rule in the 2020 Title IX regulations that prohibits decision-makers in sexual misconduct investigations from using evidence or statements from someone who did not participate in cross-examination at a live hearing.

Federal Agency Acts Against Income-Share Agreement Lender

(Excerpts from Inside Higher Ed) - The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) took action against a company offering income-share agreements to help students finance their degrees. The company misrepresented its product and failed to comply with federal consumer financial law, according to the federal agency.

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