The University of Florida official policies are hosted on the Policy Hub. For ease of reference, the regulations, guidance and policies relevant to Compliance and Ethics are listed below:


The Higher Education Compliance Alliance (HECA) provides the higher education community with a Compliance Matrix providing a comprehensive list of key federal laws and regulations governing colleges and universities. It includes a brief summary of each law, applicable reporting deadlines, and links to additional resources. 

Using the HECA Compliance Matrix as a guide, UF Compliance Matrices were developed for multiple areas of the university in collaboration with the Compliance Partners.  In addition to the federal requirements, the individual matrices identify key state laws, BOG regulations, or UF policies applicable to that area as well as staff members who have accountability for the day-to-day operations of the specific compliance area.   The matrices are updated on a biennial basis and are an ongoing work in progress.

UF Compliance Matrices are tools of the UF Compliance and Ethics Program. They provide contact information for compliance areas and help coordinate efforts when areas have shared accountability and obligations.  They offer a general overview of the laws and regulations and are a source of information that informs compliance risk assessments. However, they do not reflect the full breadth of requirements. If you are interested in the Compliance Matrix of a particular area, please contact the applicable Compliance Partner or UFCE at