CISA: HPH Cyber Threat Insights, Ransomware Reduction Campaign

(Excerpts from Health IT Security News)

  • The Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency recently unveiled a campaign designed to tackle ransomware risks and threats across the US. Earlier, CISA shared insights on healthcare and public health sector threats amid the COVID-19 response.
  • Across all sectors, but particularly in the healthcare and education sectors, ransomware has increasingly disrupted services, caused data loss and theft, and impacted the bottom line. Its hackers have increasingly modified their attack methods to increase the odds of a higher payout—to great success.
  • The campaign will have a particular focus on supporting COVID-19 response organizations and educational institutions, which have received the brunt of these attacks. CISA is hoping to raise awareness on the importance of tackling the ransomware issue, as part of an entity’s broader cybersecurity and data protection best practices.
  • CISA plans to leverage its social media platforms for the next several months to “iterate key behaviors or actions with resource links that can help technical and non-technical partners combat ransomware attacks.”
  • As part of the campaign announcement, CISA launched a one-stop ransomware resource page broken down into four categories: alerts, guides and services, fact sheets, and training and webinars.