UVA Approves Removal of Controversial Statue

(Excerpts from Inside Higher Ed Article)

  • The university’s Board of Visitors said it would work with Indigenous groups to find an off-campus location where it could relocate the controversial statue honoring George Roberts Clark, a military leader during the American Revolution credited with helping claim the Old Northwest Territory for the U.S. and noted for his military incursions against Native American tribes and villages. The statue calls Clark “Conqueror of the Northwest” and “features Indian people braced for submission,” according to a UVA Today article.
  • The university also said it would rename its education school, dropping the name of J. L. M. Curry, a Confederate leader and slaveholder who advocated for free public education but opposed integrated schools, and remove the name of Henry Malcolm Withers, another Confederate leader and slaveholder, from Withers-Brown Hall at UVA School of Law. The university plans to rededicate or — if rededication is not possible — remove the Hume Memorial Wall, a Confederate memorial honoring Confederate soldier Frank Hume.