Zoombombing Becomes a Dangerous Organized Effort

  • As colleges and universities have shifted to online education and using Zoom as a meeting platform, reports of “Zoombombing” by uninvited participants have become frequent and have risen to the level of hate speech and harassment.
  • Some of these incidents employ shocking imagery, racial epithets and profanity to disrupt video conferences and are commanding the attention of the FBI.
  • Though a participant can be removed at any time, it is hard to identify the perpetrators of these attacks. There can be several in a single call, and they can appear to jump from one alias to another.
  • Zoom was not prepared for the rapid growth of its user base and has offered guidance on making conferences more secure. “Zoom strongly condemns harassment of this kind and we have been reporting instances of this to various social platforms in order for them to take appropriate action,” stated the company.
  • Several teenagers who ran Zoom raid accounts spoke about their frustrations with online schooling and how, for them, Zoom raiding classes provided an outlet.
  • The more nefarious organizing tends to happen on Discord where Zoom links are shared with hundreds of members.