Visiting Researcher Indicted for Failure to Disclose Military Role

  • Yanqing Ye, a researcher from a Chinese military academy, applied to study at Boston University with celebrated Boston University physicist Eugene Stanley. At the time, her affiliation did not raise any red flags.
  • Stanley said that he receives multiple research requests and that he vets candidates’ scientific credentials.
  • It was later found she had failed to declare on her J-1 visa application that she was a lieutenant in the People’s Liberation Army, and carried out military assignments while studying at Boston University.
  • Ye is accused by federal prosecutors of acting as an agent of a foreign government.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, this has exposed vulnerabilities in American universities that collaborate internationally on scientific research.
  • The Defense Department and the National Institutes of Health are concerned that the Chinese government are attempting to tap US universities expertise to gain a competitive edge.
  • “Beijing has denied any systematic effort to steal U.S. scientific research, and Chinese state media have called U.S. allegations of intellectual property theft a political tool,” notes theWall Street Journal.