Former Moffitt Director Files Lawsuit over China Allegations

  • Former Moffitt Cancer Center director Dr. Thomas Sellers is suing over what he claims was a forced resignation over his alleged ties to China.
  • Sellers resigned last year, along with four researchers and the CEO, after the investigation found they failed to disclose their participation in the program that paid them each tens of thousands of dollars
  • “There was recognition by Moffitt that Dr. Sellers was not involved and did nothing inappropriate but by then they were most concerned about their reputation and their continued relationship with the” National Institutes of Health, said Sellers’ attorney Brandon Scheele.
  • According to the lawsuit, the investigation Moffitt completed showed that Sellers’ signature was forged on an application to a Chinese program called Thousand Talents.
  • “The application was in Chinese and was never seen or read by Sellers,” the lawsuit states. “He only learned of the existence of the contract when it was brought to his attention by Moffitt.”
  • Moffitt spokesman, Mark Hendrickson, stated that the cancer center stands behind its findings from the investigation of Sellers and will vigorously defend any legal action filed against it.