More Epstein Fallout at MIT

  • Seth Lloyd, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is currently on paid leave for intentionally failing to report donations from Jeffrey Epstein, a now-deceased sex offender.
  • A fact-finding investigation commissioned by MIT brought to light that Lloyd received $60,000 from Epstein around 2005-2006 which he deposited into his personal bank account without notifying MIT.
  • Lloyd also received donations from Epstein in 2012 for $50,000 and 2017 for $125,000 and chose to let midlevel administrators process the donations without first discussing with senior administrators.
  • Furthermore, the investigation found Epstein had visited MIT’s campus nine times since 2013.
  • This has led MIT to review the donor policies they have in place as the monies from a controversial donor such as Epstein do not violate the policy as it stands.
  • Rafael Reif, President at MIT, has faced scrutiny over these donations and vowed to create guidelines on controversial donors and visitors on campus that pose a threat.