Judge Upholds Harvard’s Admissions Policies

  • A federal judge ruled that Harvard University’s admissions policies do not discriminate against Asian
    American applicants. The ruling came in a much-watched case brought by a long-standing critic of
    affirmative action on behalf of a group of Asian American plaintiffs.
  • One basis of the judge’s decision was that Asian Americans may have a slightly more difficult road, on
    average, than others but this does not prove discrimination.
  • Harvard’s admission program passes constitutional muster in that it satisfies the dictates of strict
  • As a whole, Harvard does not have any racial quotas and its current admissions policy does not result in
    under-qualified students being admitted in the name of diversity.
  • Edward Blum, the president of Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA), which sued Harvard, is disappointed
    by the ruling and said that SFFA will appeal this decision to the First Court of Appeals and, if necessary,
    to the U.S. Supreme Court.