Purdue U. Wants to Bar Professors From Betting on Its Games

  • Indiana officially legalized sports betting on September 1, but faculty members on Purdue University’s Athletic Affairs Committee advised Purdue to consider banning the faculty and staff from wagering on Boilermaker games.
  • The faculty members believe that the new law will deter athletes from being honest and open with their professors and advisors.
  • Purdue’s president released a statement supporting the ban of any professor, employee, or students wagering on games “to reduce the potential for any student-athlete to feel compromised, for any implication of profiteering or inside information, or other problems.”
  • The proposed ban will be discussed at the October Board of Trustees meeting and would apply to full-time, part-time, and contracted employees on all of Purdue’s campuses.
  • The two main conflicts of allowing faculty, staff, and students to bet on games include instructor’s interests being compromised and student-athletes being exploited on campus.
  • The NCAA is working on setting guidelines for sports wagering as forty-two states have pending or passed legislation on the matter.