Tough New Law Against Hazing

  • Florida’s governor has signed a new anti-hazing law expanding those who could be criminally liable
    and offering protections for those who help a victim.
  • Andrew’s Law is named for Andrew Coffey, a Florida State University pledge who died in 2017
    after drinking an entire fifth of Wild Turkey bourbon at an off-campus party.
  • Historians and experts say the law is one of the “most cutting-edge” in the nation because it
    ensures Good Samaritans cannot be prosecuted if they are the first to contact 911 or campus
    security when they see a hazing victim in need of medical attention.
  • To escape charges the Good Samaritan must stay on the scene until help arrives. This also applies
    if they administered first aid to the hazing victim. Even those involved in planning the hazing can
    take advantage of the exemptions.
  • The new law also allows those individuals involved in the planning of the hazing, but were not
    physically present when it occurred, to be prosecuted. This could include fraternity or sorority
    leaders or university administrators, as they typically must approve Greek life events.
  • Andrew’s law also closes a loophole that did not allow current members of a fraternity or sorority
    to be considered hazing victims.